Karma chameleon…

I do soul journey tarot readings. It’s not just something I made up to sound good …there is a reason. I kept doing readings for clients where past lives and past patterns came up. At first I thought it was too out there, too woo to be of any good, and no one would want to know.  But, because I assume that the universe knows what it’s doing,  I stopped resisting it in the end , and began to tentatively offer soul journey readings as part of my services. They have become one of my most popular readings.  I’m really not a deeply spiritual type. I’m very down- to -earth, normally-  more life coach than mystic. But, it happened, and it keeps happening, so I’m obviously part of plan I know nothing about. Thanks, higher power. Keep me in the dark, why don’t you ?

So here’s what I’ve learned about souls and karma so far. You keep doing it until you learn not to. I will elaborate, in a minute.

I usually begin with this karma spread to start a soul journey reading.  Try it, and tell me if you like it. Obviously this layout doesn’t give the full picture, and I add to it,  sometimes using the I Ching as well – and a lot of just staring  into space, thinking.

Karma colour.gif


There are a few past life themes that come up over and over. One of the major things is, of course, people. Lots of people. Some of the people you feel connected to for no reason at all are probably your soul people – those you’ve known before. Recognising a soul person doesn’t mean that you have to be soul mates in a romantic sense- far from it, usually.  It’s the friends you have that you’re convinced you were separated from at birth -the people you just met who you feel like you’ve known for years, the people you can be silent with comfortably and know what they are thinking.  It’s the man you pass in the street and swear you know, but you can’t remember where from. Often it’s your children, your siblings, your parents. It’s the deja vu. If you think you’ve known someone before, you probably have. I don’t know why we know people over and over, but I guess we are all here to help each other. It’s almost like we only have one family all the way though, with added people as time goes by.

I read for many people who have been living out the same patterns in past lives and have become stuck at that stage, and in this life they have the opportunity to overcome these cycles and move on to something better for themselves. Maybe they just come to me when they’re ready,  who knows, but I’m often able to see really strong patterns that have remained the same through three or four different lives. Usually, revealing these patterns strikes a very deep chord with people and explains some of their blocks and hang ups that they can’t  seem to shake. I’ve had a few people in tears over things that have bugged them all their life and suddenly they know why.

It’s not just about punishment. Some of the biggest lessons for us to learn involve loving ourselves and letting love in , rather than the notion of ”paying for past deeds”, which is the popular representation of karmic debt. I’ve done a lot of readings where the client has been opened up for deeper experiences by going through some tough times, that is true, but I find that karma is much more compassionate than it’s mostly made out to be.

I’ve been surprised to learn that sometimes we get a ”life off” – a karmic holiday where we are blessed with the ability to move through life with no particular direction and no lessons to learn. I only know this because it ‘s come up in so many past life readings that I’ve done for clients, the same as all the other things in this post. I didn’t know any of it before it began to pop up in readings.

Karmic patterns seem to play out again and again until we can get past the stubbornness and human-ess and the fear of looking stupid or too woo so that we’re  able to learn what we’re supposed to learn. Earth, as far as I can make out, is school, and were are here to learn. I suspect that ‘s why everything is such a mess – the teacher has popped out for a few millenia and we’ve been left to our own devices.

I’ve always had a strong pull for past lives, (and yes, I’ve done some regressions, I’ll write about them in another post ) and I do know that in this modern world we are not able to listen to the quiet clues that we ‘re given to help us with our soul journey – there’s too much noise, everyone’s too unhealthy, too stressed out, too busy, too important, too cynical….sometimes they come as whispers and we discount them, sometimes they come as harsh lessons and we throw the blame out to someone or something else. We might go through life as carefully as we can, yet we often feel as though we’re missing a vital piece of information…and we are.

Yeah, I know, I know…way too woo.  Sorry about that.

Don’t forget to try the Karma spread, and please comment !

Have a lovely day

Jane Xx



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