Learn tarot the easy way…

When you’re first starting out with tarot, it can be a daunting task. There are 78 cards to learn, and you have no idea what any of them mean. How do you get from not knowing anything to doing a reading that you understand ? I thought about my own first attempts to learn the tarot and how complicated it all seemed-I didn’t know all the aspects for a long time because I was so concerned with learning just the basic meanings of the cards. So I’ve devised a method that is very simple and makes sense right from day one, and lets you start doing readings straight away. I’ve even given it a name.  it’s called



I’ve  just published the first free guide, for complete beginners.

(If you already read tarot, you’re way past this stage already.  I ‘m in the process of writing more advanced courses, but they are works in progress…)

So if you want to know where to start with the tarot,  just go to my website and the link is at the top of the home page.


Did you try it ? What did you think ? Let me know ! Email me: tarotelva@gmail.com.

Have a lovely day!

Jane Xx





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