Tarot Astrology for July 2017.

You are going to be very busy this month, Aquarius,but in a productive and satisfying way. You’ll beaquarius 2 so highly fizzing with energy that you may forget to eat or rest, although in the short-term this won’t really do you much harm. Your busyness does come from doing things that you need to get done, but for some reason you’re really enjoying carrying out your responsibilities. You get a real sense of achievement through the whole of July, so enjoy it and go with the flow – you can get lots of things out of the way so that you can start with a clean slate in August.


Protect your own interests this month, Pisces, and don’t accept any offers that don’t ringpisces 2 true with you. You might find that people are trying to pressure you into doing things that feel uncomfortable, so be determined to say no and stand up for your own rights. It’s always draining for you to have bold interactions with other people, so make sure you look after yourself and get plenty of rest too. The outcome of this means is that you will get much more respect from others if you stick to your guns, and actually, you will find that it was much easier to say no than you thought it was going to be.




You might find that you are a little discontent this month, Aries, but this unease has itsAries 2 reasons. It’s come to the surface to enable you to think about what you would like to change about your life in the future and also about how you can achieve that. All you really need is your usual fiery energy and a realisation that you cannot change people. If you want things to change, you must do in your own way, regardless of what anyone else around you thinks. It’s a good time to make some changes though, but you will find yourself quite tired at the end of the process, but it will be well worth it in the long run.



You may find that you have to defend your right to have a good time this month, Taurus,Taurua 2 as others seem to expect you just to work, work, work. You may be reliable and steady, but sometimes even you need to let off steam, so don’t let anybody stop you from attending social events or even throwing your own party. Luckily for you, you’re feeling much more outspoken and aggressive than usual, so you should be able to ride out other people’s objections easily. In some ways, you feel like a new part of your personality has emerged that you didn’t even know was there. Party on.



If you rely on yourself and your own judgement this month, Gemini, you will emergegemini 2 victorious from any emotional traumas or uncertainties .  it’s only when you start asking other people for their opinion that you begin to get confused, so trust your own intuition all the way. Even if all those different people living inside your head disagree, they still all have something valuable to say, so take the best from all of them and mix them together in a way that seems most helpful to you. It is difficult being a Gemini, but with some self-control this month you can really get a sense of your own amazing power.


it really is time to turn away from those things in your life that hold you back, Cancer. cancer 2Stop doing all those favours for other people, and stop doing it now. It has come to a crucial stage where, however challenging it is for you, you must put yourself first. You have jobs to do that you get no help with, and you must go out and have some fun as well as working. It may feel alien to you to concentrate on your own well being, but it is a necessary lesson in self-protection. You can still be loving, but you don’t have to worry about everyone else’s well -being all the time. Please remember this month.


This should be an inspiring month for you, Leo, where your fiery energy is at its best.leo 2 Take advantage of your heightened passions to move towards your goals, and enjoy the feeling of happiness that surrounds you in July. You may be so happy that you resent other people’s comments because it feels like they’re trying to drag down, but try not to get too defensive, they are only jealous of your shining light. Keep your feet on the ground, but other than that, enjoy your own optimism. It’s a really good time to make some plans for the future based on your passions and your positive frame of mind.


You may feel financially restricted this month Virgo, or even find yourself looking for a new job. virgo 2The situation where you keep having to sacrifice yourself for others comes up time and time again as it has done all year so far, and it’s beginning to weigh you down and make you feel as if you really need to change. Although it’s been difficult for you, this past year has all led up to this point, and this month you do begin to think seriously about who was hurt you and what is not working in your life, and this is a really positive thing. You want more money and more fun, and you can now start to think about ways that you can get both. All you need is determination, so don’t be afraid to make some big plans.


This is a month where you feel as though you’d rather be anywhere but where you are, libra 2Libra. Not surprisingly, because the workload that you’ve had over the past few months has been quite severe and restricting for you, and you wonder when you are ever going to get justice for yourself. You seem to work so hard and never get anywhere. Actually all your hard work is about to pay off, as is your ability to think outside the box and your fantastic powers of communication. It’s time to really be proud of who you are and your personal talents, And to not be afraid to use your skills in the way that works best for you. If you can do this, you will find your life shifting dramatically, just by being yourself and refusing to dance to anyone’s else’s tune.


Although you still feel somewhat restricted, your sacrifices and self-control are about pay off. Youscorpio 2 can now be proud that you are always the one who stays at home and looks after  the money. Everyone else around you is moaning that they are skint, but you are smug, because out of all your friends you’ve been by far the most sensible one. Even though at times it’s been really tough to refuse what looked like really good offers, you are now glad you did, and you can make solid future plans based on reality and workable strategies, unlike the rest of your friends, who are still looking for change down the back of the sofa. Well done, Scorpio.



Don’t be so hard on yourself this month, Sagittarius. You may sometimes wish that you were more like everyone else, sagittarius 2but you have your own talents and a deep sense of justice that no one around you seems to have. It’s not really a month to make big decisions, but it is a month to begin to wonder about things in your life that hold you back and drag you down. Take some time off this month just to chill out and also to big yourself up as the wonderful person that you are. Give yourself a well-earned mental rest, so that your brain can recuperate. Later, when you have worked out what you want to let go of from your life, you can start to make decisions, but wait until you have rested enough to have your thinking capacity back to full working order.


You might find that you feel a little bit different than usual this month, Capricorn. It capricorn 2seems like there’s a new energy in your life that is more fiery than usual, and also more impetuous and aggressive. It could make you feel slightly out of balance, but it’s  only temporary, and you need this unusual energy to get you through what will be a fairly busy month. You might be feeling a little resentful about all the work you’ve had to do, but you will have learnt quite a lot about yourself and the hidden parts of your personality that you were not aware of.  You will come out on top in any arguments, but you’ll have to sacrifice some of your spare time in order to get everything done. It’s all part of a bigger plan where you can begin to balance yourself so that you can have an easier time of things in the future, so just go with it this month and see where it takes you.

I hope you enjoyed July’s tarot astrology.

You can also get daily tarot guidance and weekly group readings on my facebook page @elvatarot.

Have a lovely day

Jane Xx


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