Reading ‘cold’… or misinformed.

Another post on the strange world of being a professional reader….


Mostly lovely…

Before I begin once again to talk about less than ideal reading situations, I must point out that the vast majority of clients are lovely. I cannot stress that enough. Most of them are genuinely interested in a good, honest reading that helps them along their path, and are happy to   help me along in my job by providing clear, honest information so that I can read for them really well. They’re familiar with how it works and what they need to do as well as what I need to do, and we both uphold our ends of the process for a mutually beneficial outcome.

So here’s the but. There’s a strange thing that happens sometimes, quite a lot in fact. It’s a thing where clients don’t express entirely truthfully what their situation is.

Mary, Mary. Quite contrary…

I think the best way to explain this is to create a fictional client, let’s call her Mary. She comes for reading with some specific questions. So Mary’s truthful situation is this. She is married, and she has her eye on a young man with a view to having an affair with him. (I’m not judging, by the way). This young man, however, is not aware of Mary’s interest. So Mary comes along for reading, and she tells you truthfully that she is married, but she also tells you that she is already having an affair with this young man. She wants to know the future of the affair and also how the young man feels about her.

Mary has given some true info and some not so true info. And made my job as a reader quite difficult. When I start the reading, I know full well that she is not having an affair  with this young man, because the cards tell me that and also, I’m psychic.

But Mary doesn’t know that I know everything, but yet she wants me to know enough to tell her the future, yet she doesn’t want me know the complete truth.  And she somehow thinks that this is possible. So there I am, knowing her situation, knowing the kind of person she is, knowing what kind of people her husband and the young man are , and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that she is not in an affair. I also know that the young man doesn’t even know she exists and has no feelings at all. Not surprisingly.

So what do I tell Mary? I’m put into a situation where I either go along with her or not. I am forced to say that I cannot see any love or feeling for her from the young man. This is not what she wants to hear. I’m also obliged to tell her that I cannot see a future for the affair.

Turn it ’round if you can…

These situations happen frequently – people withhold information, but still expect you to give them a clear idea of what is likely to happen. When I get somebody like this for a reading, I’m partly reduced to platitudes and generalities, because there is no way that I am going to accuse a client of either lying or withholding information. But in the end, I can do nothing about the choices they make – they’re always free to come and tell me what I need to know- it’s their money they’re spending, after all.

Whether they are giving me the full picture or not, I always try to help them. The fact that they are dodging the truth in itself calls out for help, so usually I just let the tarot tell them how to increase their self- worth and love themselves more. So usually a reading for one foggy situation turns into a hopefully inspiring reading for the client anyway. Just a point on that  – if they’re being downright impolite on purpose, you can’t really help them. So turn them away.

 It’s them, not you.

Back in the early days, this kind of situation really used to confuse me, and made me think that my reading was off, or I was having a bad day, or I was a terrible reader.  Now, after many more readings where people have actually said the words ”you’re never wrong” I realise that my readings are usually pretty accurate, and I always know what ‘s going on, even if the client has led me up the garden path and thrown me half a dozen red herrings. I still know. And once they know I know, they either go away or come back for more. It does eventually sort out the sheep from the lambs.

Is it me or is it cold in here ?

The other thing that happens a lot is that people want me to read for them” cold”. It’s a bit like going to the doctors and saying ”guess what’s wrong with me”. Because I am a tarot reader, as I said above, I can get a good idea of the truthful picture anyway. However, as you probably already know, it’s much easier to give a helpful and empowering reading when you have some background info.  I ask for the information that I need before I begin a reading – because it takes twice as long if you don’t have anything to go on at all. I still may not get it , but at least I’ve tried.

Often,  a client who has been silent will gush out all the info at the end of a reading, or have another one and this time confide in you that yes, that ‘s exactly how they’re feeling ,and yes that’s exactly what he is like and how did you know and how can you be so accurate.

Now…I understand that people want to test me out, I get that. And once I’ve done a successful cold reading , they know then. They know I know. So sometimes it ‘s  a good thing, even if it’s more difficult initially to fully help them that way.

It’s one of those things that’s just part of being a reader. I’m sure that other professions encounter it all the time too.

Don’t let it throw you off.  You’re going to get it all the time. Learn, as always, how to deal. Learn to trust yourself and your ability in finding the truth. Have your scripts ready at all times. and try to accept that people are people and will be contrary and awkward until the end  of time.

What are your experiences with a lack of info from clients? Comment and let me know !

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Have a lovely day


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