The Etsy experience…

Selling tarot readings on Etsy is an interesting experience. If you get it right, it can  be one of your more lucrative sources of income. There’s a lot to learn of course, but then there always is, especially online.

There are lots of stories around about how people make a six figure income from Etsy. I don’t know about that, but I make a part-time income which complements my other sources. It’s good to be realistic and not idealistic, so I thought I’d share my experiences on Esty so far.

So what have I learned from selling on Etsy ?

  1. You need to bring traffic in from social media and other sources. Facebook, instagram,blogging and Pintrest bring in about half of my clients.
  2. You need to get your search terms right.  It’s not that difficult though, and if you play around and see what works and what doesn’t, that works a lot better than listening to everyone else, because there is so much conflicting advice out there.
  3. . Your listing photos must be unique and stand out from the crowd. A picture of a few tarot cards just isn’t going to cut it. Your shop must look inviting and tasteful too. On each of your listings, there should be several photos of cards and always a photo of yourself, smiling openly.
  4. It takes time to build  up your reputation, but when your clients start coming back, you know you’re giving good service. Most of my clients are repeat orders.
  5. Despite rumours of constant Etsy changes, the rules seem to remain pretty much the same.
  6. Etsy is a good package with lots of traffic, and although there are many tarot readers, it’s not that difficult to get noticed.
  7. Your descriptions in your listings must draw people in, and you must get it right. Again, this is not all that difficult, but it takes time and research to perfect.
  8. The fees aren’t really that bad, for a ready-made website and guaranteed traffic.
  9. Etsy is a great place to begin. You learn a lot. I launched my own website and it was much more difficult to get traffic to go there.
  10. Etsy Ads work to a certain extent, but they’re expensive- you’re better off advertising on Facebook, it brings in more traffic.
  11. There are slumps . Some weeks are completely dead, and it’s not what you’re doing, it ‘s just the way it is. Try not to lose the will to live, it will pick up again.
  12. If you read too many negative posts on the Etsy forums, you will get discouraged.
  13. Etsy Teams seem to work, but don’t spend too much time on them. An hour a week is fine. I do my team posts on a Saturday morning, when I’m doing my weekly posts for Facebook. Concentrate on what you need from the teams. If you’ve listed something new, and need favorites, do that. If you’re looking to move up the search, do the ”24 views” posts. If you need more people to favourite your shop ,do that.
  14. When someone favourites your shop or a reading, message them and send a discount voucher. It works wonders.
  15. Discount vouchers when someone buys are a really good idea too.
  16. Emailing previous clients with offers is technically spam, but if you only do it once or twice a year, it brings in quite a few orders, and no one minds.
  17. I have no experience with Skype or phone readings- I only do email. There are readers who do them though, so it must be a sellable thing. The majority are email readings though.
  18. Learning from other sellers is allowed as long as you don’t outright copy them. Everyone does it and Etsy actually encourages this.
  19. Being genuine and honest is by far the best way to sell readings-don’t try to be mysterious, just be clear and open.
  20. Having a sample reading people can look at is really effective.
  21. Blogging takes time so be patient.
  22. Etsy takes time.  So be patient.
  23. Opening another shop or even two because business is slow is a bit pointless. Yes, I know this.
  24. You ‘ll probably have to fiddle with your pricing/ length of readings before you reach a workable system that both you and your clients are happy with.
  25. Invest in Dragon Naturally Speaking for your email readings.  It will save you a heap of time doing all that typing.
  26. If other shops copy your style, be flattered. Blatant word for word copying can be reported to Etsy though.
  27. Complete your T & Cs, and FAQs.
  28. Choose working hours for yourself and stick to them. You have a life that is not online. However, sometimes it’s best to go with the time zones -most of my clients are American, so I check Etsy at the times my clients are most likely to get in touch.
  29. Try to complete readings as quickly as you can. I have a framework of 2 to 5 working days for mine, so it gives me some wiggle room if I’m doing other things. Don’t go more than a week if you can help it. People want it yesterday, usually. I’ve found that emergency” same day” readings just don’t work for me. I’m too  busy in other areas.
  30. Keep your pricing similar to other readers’. Cheap readings just look cheap. You can have some short readings priced less expensively, but have a higher priced range too.  It honestly took me MONTHS to figure out my pricing and lengths. Take your time and see what works for you. Generally, people are happy to pay between £20 and £45 for a reading,at the time of writing.
  31. Etsy is great for good clients. The vast majority of them are really lovely. I’ve only ever had one or two who’ve been anywhere near difficult.
  32. Build up your shop to at least thirty readings available. Some can be copies if you like. But it fills up your shop. Nothing looks worse than five or six lonely readings. I have about 35, some of which are copies but with a different name -for instance,” soul mate” and ”your true love” are the same reading -they just appeal to different people.
  33. Above all, determination to make it work and overcome obstacles is a must. Whether you can make a good living from Etsy is debatable, but then I’m not looking for that. I do a lot of face to face and also some b to b business advice. But maybe if my sole income was from Etsy I would try harder there. As it is ,I’m happy with the mostly steady trickle of really nice, appreciative clients.


Do you sell on Etsy ? What’s your experience ?

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Have a lovely day

Jane Xx


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