Tarot Astrology for August 2017.

aquarius 2 There are decisions to be made and offers to be accepted this month, Aquarius, and you might find yourself worrying excessively about whether the choices that you make now will affect your future in a negative way. Usually, you prefer to take a less emotional and more light-hearted approach to any decisions you may have to make, but this month, it will pay you to be uncharacteristically serious and sober when thinking about which direction you want your life to go in.  I know that probably sounds quite boring, but if you don’t put in the effort now, you will end up none the wiser and more confused than ever later in the year. If you are careful about  your decisions around your financial situation and your material world, you won’t go far wrong.


pisces 2  This is a month where you might find yourself thinking more deeply than usual, Pisces. There is a serious kind of atmosphere to August, and this is affecting most of the signs at the moment, so don’t feel as if as a Piscean you’ve been singled out. Although you feel somewhat restricted in your options, and not able to perhaps following your passions as wholeheartedly as you would like, you can still get some pleasure from your usual hobbies and habits. This month all you can do really is keep your world ticking over and not make any major decisions that  will affect you for years to come – it is mainly a month for keeping yourself healthy and not indulging in too much food or drink. Try to take pleasure in your own inner worlds rather than indulging in unhealthy pastimes.




Aries 2 An interesting month for you, Aries, where, on the one hand, you can really make some solid plans for your future, and on the other hand, some upheaval and uncertainty pushes you to do this more quickly than you thought you would be. It seems like this month really rushes past, and you don’t get much chance to spend time alone and work everything out in your own head. Things are happening very quickly around you, mostly to other people, and you’re going to get drawn in to dramas that are not your own. However, this does strengthen your determination to make solid timetables and strict business hours for yourself, so that you can focus on what you want to achieve rather on rather than running around after  everyone else. You will achieve a lot for your own direction this month even if it doesn’t seem like it.



Taurua 2 Quite a good month for you Taurus, when things seem to be shifting and settling in a much more pleasant way than they have of late. You’re getting used to new circumstances and making new habits which are easy to sustain and also bring you quite a lot of pleasure. If there are any areas that irritate you, before throwing them out completely, try to see if there are there is any way that you can integrate and accept them as part of your daily routine. You can always change your mind later, but this month is about compromise, because sometimes compromising it easier for your peace of mind that trying to battle against things. You don’t have to sell yourself out, but on the other hand, it’s helpful to accept that nothing is ever perfect.



gemini 2  A strong urge to fulfil your passions dominates this month, Gemini. Although you cannot turn away from all your responsibilities, there will be chances to at least get some of what you want if you can compromise with other people.  Try to be patient and pleasant with everyone around you so that they will more willingly help you to achieve your goals – in fact, this is the easiest way to get what you want. There won’t be a massive change overnight, but there will be a definite turning towards a more pleasant life you for you, so accept that for what it is and don’t wish that it was  happening more quickly, because this would be impossible anyway. At the end of August you might be thinking about new ways to make money from using your many talents, so you have that to look forward to as you move into September


cancer 2Questions and decisions dominate this month, Cancer, and so does getting justice for yourself and finding the best ways to do that without upsetting everyone who relies on you. You must do it, because to continue  being everybody’s run around will not enable you to move forward in life, or to find the peace of mind that you so deserve. You need time and space to discover your own passions, and you just don’t get it – what generally happens is , you just get into something, and then the phone rings or the door will knock and it will be somebody wanting something. This is a good month to sit down and really and truly figure out once and for all how to deal with all these requests in an effective and non-confrontational way. It can be done, it’s just a matter of knowing how and what works for you. Instead of worrying and resenting, this month you can really decide to be proactive about this ongoing problem.


.leo 2This time of the year, all you want to do is party and sit in the sun. Work doesn’t interest you at all, because this is the month where you shine and are at your most social and attractive. It’s always difficult for you to concentrate on anything serious when the sun comes up out, but I think you will find that this August you’re actually quite okay with finding room for both work and pleasure. You know in your heart that some responsibilities still need to be carried out before you can relax and have fun, and also you will have more fun if you know that everything is already taken care of. Try and get everything done really early every day, so that you have plenty of time for R&R  later. You will find that this works really well for you all the way through August, and there will be no need to feel guilty about excessive amounts of playtime.


virgo 2 .Big changes are coming this month Virgo, and they are good ones. Usually mild- mannered and cooperative, this month you will actually be much more aggressive and assertive. You have been pushed to the very edge of your limits, and  instead of snapping and letting it break you, your frustration will turn to acceptance and enable you to find the strength to move on in a really self -protective and strong way. You make your mind up that in the future you will never be put in this situation again, and that you will learn from your past mistakes. It doesn’t sound like an easy month, but actually, the transformation you are now going through will make life much easier because of your decision not to put up with people’s bull ever again.


libra 2This is a month where you can have real confidence in your abilities, Libra. You’re beginning to realise that perhaps you over- think the majority of issues in your life, and actually, what’s needed is some action to move away from some of those issues rather than ruminating and pondering endlessly on the things that you would like to change. It only takes one step in any direction to completely change everything and make you feel so much better about yourself, and in August this really comes into the spotlight for you. You can’t believe that you’ve never seen how easy is to get rid of things that you don’t want your life before now, but this revelation brings with it a very profound kind of inner strength which, when it comes,  will click in into place in your heart, like the missing piece that you’ve been looking for.


scorpio 2 You’ve  finally found an easy way to get rid of some of your responsibilities this month, Scorpio. A new venture or new way to make money inspires you so much that it gives you the motivation to really sort your life out so that it works easily for you. You may even go as far as arguing quite aggressively with your loved ones if they try and stand in your way. Try to be patient with them, even though your aggression stems from a desperation that they will try and stop you from making life more pleasant for yourself.  You have quite a lot uncharacteristically fiery energy, and this is helping to fuel your changes. Go for it, it’s about time that the things are sorted out in your favour.



sagittarius 2You’re feeling uncharacteristically sentimental this month Sagittarius, and childhood memories become important to you to give you inspiration and comfort. You don’t seem to be able to stop the flow of these memories from entering your mind, but they are coming to you for a reason. If you can integrate and accept these memories, they will make you feel much more at home in your own skin, much more comfortable about baring your soul to people and letting them know what’s really going on in the complex areas of your mind and heart. It feels like a clearing out of old traumas, and it is, so there’s no need to fear any emotions or feelings that you might have. By the end of the month, you will feel that the world has opened up to you in a new and fresh way which enables you to see more clearly and  be more accepting of the ups and downs of life.


capricorn 2 You will be in a very quiet and reflective mood this month, Capricorn. It’s not the time to make massive plans or big decisions, but it is a good  time to treat yourself gently and reflect on everything that you’ve learnt this year and how things are going. You’ll probably feel more like staying at home than usual, and you need this time of solitude to process your thoughts and the changes that have happened to you lately. People may try to persuade you that need to get out and have some fun, but just do what you feel like doing and say no to the rest. It’s more important that you be self -protective through this period so that you have the time to get everything properly arranged and sorted in your own head. Closer to the end of the month, you may feel more like co-operating with the people around you, so let them know that you just need a couple of weeks of quiet time to yourself.


I hope you enjoyed August’s tarot astrology.

You can also get daily tarot guidance and weekly group readings on my facebook page @elvatarot.

Have a lovely day

Jane Xx


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