Getting a great reading with the Celtic Cross.

The Celtic Cross spread  gives a multi-faceted view of a situation, and shows the reality of all the aspects involved. I think every reader has his or her own way of reading this spread, because the old traditional meanings of the positions can be interpreted in many ways (what crosses him, what is above him,… Continue reading Getting a great reading with the Celtic Cross.

Tarot Astrology for October 2017.

Keep hold of your money this month, Aquarius, because there is some upheaval coming for you in the financial area. You may find that you refuse to be drawn into confusion and uncertainty, and this is indeed the right attitude for you to have. Despite your difficulties this month, you feel strong and confident and… Continue reading Tarot Astrology for October 2017.

Tarot Astrology for August 2017.

There are decisions to be made and offers to be accepted this month, Aquarius, and you might find yourself worrying excessively about whether the choices that you make now will affect your future in a negative way. Usually, you prefer to take a less emotional and more light-hearted approach to any decisions you may have… Continue reading Tarot Astrology for August 2017.

Tarot Astrology for July 2017.

You are going to be very busy this month, Aquarius,but in a productive and satisfying way. You’ll be so highly fizzing with energy that you may forget to eat or rest, although in the short-term this won’t really do you much harm. Your busyness does come from doing things that you need to get done,… Continue reading Tarot Astrology for July 2017.

Learn tarot the easy way…

When you’re first starting out with tarot, it can be a daunting task. There are 78 cards to learn, and you have no idea what any of them mean. How do you get from not knowing anything to doing a reading that you understand ? I thought about my own first attempts to learn the… Continue reading Learn tarot the easy way…

Tarot Spread-stay or go?

This tarot layout came about after I’d done quite a few readings for clients who were facing a dilemma. I though it would be helpful to devise a spread that looked at likely outcomes, and also highlighted the client’s own thoughts and feelings. So many of us seem to reach a point where we just… Continue reading Tarot Spread-stay or go?