Tarot People-Swords.

Swords people are the thinkers of the tarot. Ruled by the element of air, they have incredibly powerful minds, and are often undiscovered geniuses in their field – often, in a lot of fields simultaneously. They are often rebellious, but with a large helping of altruism -they can usually see the bigger picture in every… Continue reading Tarot People-Swords.

Tarot People-Pentacles.

Pentacles people are slow, steady and reliable. They do not do things in a hurry, because they know that detail and tying up loose ends are important. They have a plodding drive and determination that gets things done and sees things through to the bitter end, even when it would be better for them to… Continue reading Tarot People-Pentacles.

Tarot People-Wands.

Wands people are the creators of the tarot. There are usually fair or ginger, and are known for their tempers and impetuousness as well as their bravery. They are not particularly intellectual, because they prefer physical activity over sitting around philosophising about life. Wands find earth signs boring, water signs too emotional, but they will… Continue reading Tarot People-Wands.

Tarot People- Cups.

Cups people are the carers of the tarot. Ruled by the element of water, they are emotional, loving and sensitive. But they can also be sulky, moody, and self-centred with a victim mentality which can completely rule their lives and prevent from them ever getting anywhere in life. They generally make good parents, because they… Continue reading Tarot People- Cups.

The Fool’s Journey.

The Fool set out on an unknown road with only a dog and his innocence for company. He did not know where he was headed, so he stepped out in trust and faith, as that is all he could do. As he journeyed, he met with many people and experiences that challenged his outlook on… Continue reading The Fool’s Journey.

Major Arcana in a Nutshell.

Although the major arcana is full of deep wisdom, and a book could be written on ech card, it’s helpful to have a basic working knowledge of each card, especially when you’re just starting out. The long meanings of the major arcana can be confusing at first, and it’s just not possible to learn them… Continue reading Major Arcana in a Nutshell.