Tarot Spread-stay or go?

This tarot layout came about after I’d done quite a few readings for clients who were facing a dilemma. I though it would be helpful to devise a spread that looked at likely outcomes, and also highlighted the client’s own thoughts and feelings. So many of us seem to reach a point where we just… Continue reading Tarot Spread-stay or go?

The World Card.

The World is one of those wonderful, positive cards that everyone loves. The traditional card image is of a woman surrounded by a wreath of leaves, and accompanied by four figures or animals in each corner symbolising the four elements air, fire earth and water. The leaves represent rebirth, and the woman has been ”born… Continue reading The World Card.

The Temperance Card.

The Temperance card depicts an angel holding a cup in each hand, one holds water, one holds fire. The angel is pouring one cup into the other, blending the opposing elements in perfect proportions to create something new and unique. This is the message of the Temperance card. It’s about merging, mixing, finding the right… Continue reading The Temperance Card.