Tarot Spread-stay or go?

This tarot layout came about after I’d done quite a few readings for clients who were facing a dilemma. I though it would be helpful to devise a spread that looked at likely outcomes, and also highlighted the client’s own thoughts and feelings. So many of us seem to reach a point where we just… Continue reading Tarot Spread-stay or go?

Tarot Aces.

The Ace is a beginning, the seed, future potential, a flash of mental clarity, a breath of fresh air, or new determination to begin again. It’s not yet fully -formed, but rather an inkling of what is to come, an uncertain conception that still needs an incubation period before it is born. More thought or… Continue reading Tarot Aces.

Tarot Spread- Plan Of Action.

I made this spread, like all the other spreads I’ve designed over the years, because it fits a purpose. A plan of action is a really useful thing to have, a definite direction, a path to follow. Sometimes it needs to be as  simple as knowing what’s really going on , or just knowing which… Continue reading Tarot Spread- Plan Of Action.

Tarot Cheat Sheet.

Although each tarot card meaning could  be a book in itself, it’s useful when you are a beginner to be able to summarise the cards. It helps you to learn quicker, rather than reading half a page for each card every time. So here’s a cheat sheet for all 78 cards. CUPS. 1. Ace. EMOTIONAL… Continue reading Tarot Cheat Sheet.

Tarot Spread- One Question.

There are many, many tarot spreads on the internet and in books, and you can usually find plenty that serve your needs really well.  I find that it’s helpful to have a structured spread so that I know what part of my question a particular card is focusing on. I don’t think there are any… Continue reading Tarot Spread- One Question.

Tarot People-Swords.

Swords people are the thinkers of the tarot. Ruled by the element of air, they have incredibly powerful minds, and are often undiscovered geniuses in their field – often, in a lot of fields simultaneously. They are often rebellious, but with a large helping of altruism -they can usually see the bigger picture in every… Continue reading Tarot People-Swords.

Tarot People-Pentacles.

Pentacles people are slow, steady and reliable. They do not do things in a hurry, because they know that detail and tying up loose ends are important. They have a plodding drive and determination that gets things done and sees things through to the bitter end, even when it would be better for them to… Continue reading Tarot People-Pentacles.