Learn tarot the easy way…

When you’re first starting out with tarot, it can be a daunting task. There are 78 cards to learn, and you have no idea what any of them mean. How do you get from not knowing anything to doing a reading that you understand ? I thought about my own first attempts to learn the… Continue reading Learn tarot the easy way…

Tarot Spread-stay or go?

This tarot layout came about after I’d done quite a few readings for clients who were facing a dilemma. I though it would be helpful to devise a spread that looked at likely outcomes, and also highlighted the client’s own thoughts and feelings. So many of us seem to reach a point where we just… Continue reading Tarot Spread-stay or go?

Tarot Astrology for June 2017.

A combination of tarot and astrological aspects in June for each sign. This month is going to be uncharacteristically emotional for you, Aquarius. Usually, you’re quite good at skipping over upsets and mental challenges, but you will find that unless you want to argue with everyone, you are going to have to do some deep… Continue reading Tarot Astrology for June 2017.

When court cards are not people…

Getting a court card in a reading- what does it mean ? Court cards are notoriously difficult to interpret, because they can mean so many things -they can represent an actual person, a part of your own life, an aspect of you, an action that needs to be taken, or a situation that has the… Continue reading When court cards are not people…

Tarot Aces.

The Ace is a beginning, the seed, future potential, a flash of mental clarity, a breath of fresh air, or new determination to begin again. It’s not yet fully -formed, but rather an inkling of what is to come, an uncertain conception that still needs an incubation period before it is born. More thought or… Continue reading Tarot Aces.

The World Card.

The World is one of those wonderful, positive cards that everyone loves. The traditional card image is of a woman surrounded by a wreath of leaves, and accompanied by four figures or animals in each corner symbolising the four elements air, fire earth and water. The leaves represent rebirth, and the woman has been ”born… Continue reading The World Card.

Tarot Spread -How did this happen ?

I created this spread as an insight into the reality of why something happened. It’s so useful to get the real picture because then you have a solid foundation to work from that is based on the truth. What Has Led To The Situation. The real cause of the problem, whether it is external or… Continue reading Tarot Spread -How did this happen ?