Tarot Aces.

The Ace is a beginning, the seed, future potential, a flash of mental clarity, a breath of fresh air, or new determination to begin again. It’s not yet fully -formed, but rather an inkling of what is to come, an uncertain conception that still needs an incubation period before it is born. More thought or… Continue reading Tarot Aces.

The Fool’s Journey.

The Fool set out on an unknown road with only a dog and his innocence for company. He did not know where he was headed, so he stepped out in trust and faith, as that is all he could do. As he journeyed, he met with many people and experiences that challenged his outlook on… Continue reading The Fool’s Journey.

Major Arcana in a Nutshell.

Although the major arcana is full of deep wisdom, and a book could be written on ech card, it’s helpful to have a basic working knowledge of each card, especially when you’re just starting out. The long meanings of the major arcana can be confusing at first, and it’s just not possible to learn them… Continue reading Major Arcana in a Nutshell.

Tarot Numbers- Minor Arcana.

If you’ve been reading for a while, there will come a time when you will start to get interested in the numbers of the tarot. Numbers are hugely important but many people don’t really understand what they are about.  Once you get the idea that tarot numbers are part of a time line, It is… Continue reading Tarot Numbers- Minor Arcana.